Access to Justice

About the Project

The Programme promotes greater public awareness on rights and mechanisms to improve access to formal and informal justice. Access to Justice programme cuts across development challenges in health, education, poverty and environment. 

Project Objectives

1. To develop and strengthen Bhutan’s professional legal aid system;

2. To increase access to justice for women and disadvantaged groups by reviewing legal frameworks and spreading legal awareness;

3. To enhance access to justice for environment and to reduce poverty;

4. To improve justice monitoring systems and ensure an informed and effective strategic direction for the judiciary.

UNDAF Outcomes & outputs

UNDAF Outcome 4: By 2018, governance institutions and communities exercise the principles of democratic governance at the national and local levels with a focus on inclusiveness, transparency, accountability and evidence-based decision-making.

UNDAF Output 4.5: People have greater awareness of their rights and increased access to formal and informal justice redress mechanisms.

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