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Ceremonial Signing of MoUs among Cities and Municipalities of the Great Morava River Basin and the Upper Danube River Basin

SEE URBAN project organized ceremonial signing of the Cooperation Protocols among Cities and Municipalities of the Great Morava River Basin and the Upper Danube River Basin  

More than 100 innovative ideas received for reducing GHG emmissions and increasing climate change resilience

111 applications were received in response to the Climate Smart Urban Development Challenge (CSUD) project's Public Call for innovative ideas  

Serbian government steps up flood protection efforts

Recent media reports highlight the Government of Serbia resolve to prevent recurrence of floods in the Kolubara River Basin that took in 2014 almost EUR 1 billion in damages and losses  

Empowering the future eco leaders

How to turn green ideas into a successful environmental project – was the topic of workshops „Youth and Environment“ that brought together representatives of youth across Serbia  

Gender and Climate Change in the Republic of Serbia

Existing gender inequalities, such as limited access to natural resources and productive assets including land and finance and to household and community decision-making constrain their ability to…  

Environment & Energy

European Mobility Week 2016

Today marks the beginning of the European Mobility Week 2016, which comprises a series of events throughout the following week (September 16-22) aimed to mobilize drivers to consider using alternative…  

Climate Smart Urban Development Challenge

The goal of the proposed project is to promote climate - smart urban development, but rather than defining the detailed technical and other solutions upfront, it seeks to actively engage citizens,…  

UNDP Climate Commitment 2017

UNDP reconfirms its commitment to providing long-term support to the Paris Agreement, to significantly scale up climate change action, build resilience, and pursue zero-carbon, sustainable and…  

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