Impacts of the Migration Crisis on the Local Governments and Communities in Serbia and Possibilities for Integration: An Assessment from Focus Groups

22 Sep 2016

The main objective of this research study is to examine the possibility of integrating migrants
from the Middle East and North Africa, in the event that the Government of Serbia
(the “Government”) decides to accept them and provide them with long-term accommodation
in Serbia. 

In order to achieve the main objective we started examining the general views of Serbian
citizens on migrants and analysed the factors which could influence these views among
people in the country. This report analyses issues of integration by observing different dimensions
of the integration process. Within each dimension we looked for possible obstacles
to integration, as well as the likelihood of achieving successful integration. A particular
issue we tried to address in this research study is the question of whether citizens
see any possibility of migrants changing or improving the economic outlook of the Serbian

Finally, as an addition to this research we focused on examining whether there was a connection
between migrant integration and the reintegration of those persons who were returned
to the country in the readmission process.

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