Social Inclusion

  • Small Rural Households in Serbia and Rural Non-farm EconomyJun 7, 2013

  • Strengthening Rural Social Capital and NetworksStrengthening Rural Social Capital and NetworksJun 7, 2013While the poverty rate was declining prior to the economic crisis, the most recent data show that the country is now backsliding and the number of poor is increasing, especially in rural areas which represent 48% of the country’s population. Targeted measures are needed to close the economic gap between rural and urban populations, including through diversification of rural economies in environmentally and economically sustainable ways. Rural Serbia possesses immense development potential, which remains to be tapped.

  • Study on Social InclusionJan 1, 2010Report is based on relevant statistical and historical data that provide a broad framework for analysis, as well as on survey data from 2009 that enable parallel analysis of different exclusion factors, as well as accurate identification of basic factors of multiple exclusion from human development processes.

  • Accesibility Rules Implementation GuideJul 26, 2008

  • Multisectoral Cooperation – Institutional Response to Violence against WomenMultisectoral Cooperation – Institutional Response to Violence against WomenApr 10, 2013Publication „Multisectoral Cooperation – Institutional Response to Violence against Women“ was realized within the UN Joint Project „Integrated Response to Violence against Women in Serbia“. The publication presents the existing protocols for conduct and cooperation of institutions and organizations as a framework for efficient protection of women from domestic violence and violence in intimate partner relationships. Namely, the following policy documents are included: • General Protocol for Action and Cooperation of Institutions, Bodies and Organisations in the Situations of Violence against Women within the Family and in Intimate Partner Relationship • Special Protocol for Action of the Centre for Social Work – Custody Authority in Cases of Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence against Women, • Special Protocol on Conduct of Police Officers in Cases of Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence against Women, • Republic of Serbia Ministry of Health Special Protocol for the Protection and Treatment of Women Victims of Violence • Overview of The Procedure to be Followed by Educational Institutions in Case of Violence against Girls and Family Violence. The publication is intended for the interested professional service providers in cases of violence against women in family and in intimate partner relationships.


Sustainable economic growth, gender equality, inclusive employment and access to social services are among the key ingredients of a prosperous and democratic society. In partnership with the national and international stakeholders UNDP works to address main gaps and improve employment opportunities and services for socially excluded and vulnerable populations, particularly with women, youth, persons with disabilities, and minorities.