Capacity Development Programme for Conventional Ammunition Stockpile Management for the Republic of Serbia (CASM)

What is the project about

Weapon destruction

Ensuring community security through safer ammunition management

Expected results

  • Demilitarization and Disposal of 175 tonnes of Napalm Power and approximately 1,133.86 tonnes of White Phosphorus Filled Ammunition
  • Infrastructure Development of Ammunition
    Storage Areas and Capacity Development of
    Ammunition Management Systems at Mrsać
    and Mirnićka Reka
  • Infrastructure Improvement of Demilitarization
    Facility - TRZ Kragujevac

Who Finances it?

Donor Amount Currency
Ministry of Defence, UNDP and 11 countries have pledges funds through OSCE a 583,281 USD
31 Dec 2011-31 Dec 2013
Focus Area:
Democratic Governance
Programme Officer
Dr. Ivan Zverzhanovski
Ministry of Defence (MoD) of the Republic of Serbia
Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).
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