Sustainable and Inclusive Growth Projects

Projects and Initiatives

  • To bridge the shortage gap of qualified professionals and the large contingent of unemployed graduates, UNDP developed a youth volunteer scheme for capacity enhancement in DRR at the local and national levels.

  • Local Development of Eastern Serbia through Increased Revenue from Tourism

    The projects aims to promote local development through increased revenue from tourists from dockings on Danube ports and offer services to local self-governments in the municipalities in Eastern Serbia to prepare plans for development of ports in Smederevo, Kostolac, Veliki Gradiste, Donji Milanovac, Kladovo, Golubac.

  • Social Impact Bond (SIB) is a financial impact investment instrument where private investments are aimed to create a positive social impact with financial return. Based on the successful employment SIBs established in Europe, UNDP is creating Serbia’s first SIB and experimenting its feasibility to tackle the high youth unemployment rate in Serbia.

  • The overall objective of the sub-regional Project is to assist the Western Balkans countries and territory in their efforts to build more inclusive labour markets.

  • UNDP will work on enabling employment opportunities for Roma returnees, combined with support in education and housing. In addition, UNDP will try to improve coordination mechanisms at the local level and contribute to awareness raising of returnees on how to improve their livelihoods.

  • Being LGBTI in Eastern Europe

    The aim of the project is to reduce inequalities and exclusion, and combate homophobia and transphobia experienced by LGBTI people in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, and Serbia.

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