Our Results

Accountable Governance

· Over 3000 public procurement officers certified

· Public Procurement Strategy Action Plan (2014-2015) adopted

· New model of performance audit piloted

· 36% increase in number of reports from public funds beneficiaries to Central Harmonization Unit (20142015)

· Institutionalization of public hearings

· 18 mobile committee sessions of Members of Parliament

· Open Data Readiness Assessment: 5 pilot institutions supported in releasing first open datasets

· Action Plan for Open Government Partnership (2016-2017)

· Civil servants trained to apply provisions of the new Law on General Administrative Procedure

· More efficient procurement process: from 77 (2014) to 61 days (2016)

· Audit of political parties conducted for the first time in 2016

· Establishment of Judicial Training Center (2002) which evolved into the Judicial Academy (2010)

· Percentage of citizens’ positive views on Parliament increased from 13% (2013) to 29 % (2015)

· National Anticorruption Strategy (2013-2018)

· Financial Investigation Strategy (2015-2016)

· Cross-party caucuses in GOPAC (Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption)

· Corruption Benchmarking Surveys (2009-2015)

· Parliament portal for monitoring of public budget expenditures

· Over 100 stories developed by investigative journalists on malfeasance in public finances

Sustainable and Inclusive Growth

Sustainable Development

· Upgrade of ammunition storage in Platicevo

· Safety of Technical Overhaul Institute in Kragujevac upgraded through installation of special video surveillance

· 8 police and army officers were trained to manage and safeguard small arms and light weapons and ammunition stockpiles

· Marking, tracing and registration of small arms and light weapons improved

· Amnesty and voluntary surrender campaign - 2,138 small arms and light weapons; 1,107 explosive ordinances, 160,434 pieces of ammunition were surrendered. 4,300 SALW license requests submitted

· 200 Police Administration staff were trained to implement the new Law on Weapons and Ammunition procedures

· Equipment for the National Forensic Center provided

· 1,500 Armed Forces personnel attended seminars on gender equality

· 525 tons of White Phosphorous filled Ammunition delaborated and 83 tons of White Phosphorous disposed out from the Republic of Serbia

· Trainers from the Western Balkans are conducting gender trainings at the Peacekeeping Operations Training Centre of the Serbian Armed Forces in Ethiopia, Ghana, Uganda, Nigeria and Rwanda

· Infrastructural improvements in migration-affected municipalities:  · Rehabilitation of sports fields in Elementary School “Vuk Karadzic” in Adasevci  · Adaptation and extension of the Red Cross building in Kanjiza · Construction works on “Vasariste” (roads, bridge, fences, parking) in Kanjiza · Rehabilitation of the Social Welfare Center to include premises for working with victims of domestic violence in Subotica

· Replacing deteriorated assets in migration affected municipalities:  · Garbage removal truck in Dimitrovgrad · Septic sewage truck for Sid  · 500 garbage containers for Presevo and 200 for Sid · Waste bins in Kanjiza and Presevo · Equipment for Public Utility Company in Presevo  · Developing designs and plans for infrastructural improvements in migration affected municipalities: · Assets replacement plans for Sid, Presevo, Kanjiza and Subotica · Water supply projects for Presevo and Sid · 10 communal infrastructure project designs

· 21 torrential barriers

· 8 water supply projects  (6.1 km of water  supply lines)

· 2 landslides

· 3 bridges

· 3 atmospheric sewerage lines

· 5 houses in Krupanj, Obrenovac and Valjevo

· 1st public e-cadaster of landslides in 27 municipalities developed

· 47 municipal emergency HQ trained on preparedness, rescue, communication in evacuation

· 69 female hail busters and 22 women rescuers trained

· 1st female voluntary firefighting brigade organized

· 12 fire departments and 4 Civil Protection Units received equipment

· 316 women, 52 children and 120 students trained on volunteering, civic engagement, psychosocial support and how to act in emergencies

· National Action Plan to implement the National Disaster Risk Management Programme

· Draft Law on Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency Management aligned with Sendai Framework

· Introducing gender in Disaster Risk Reduction planning

· Technical documentation for rehabilitation of the “Stolice” mine

· Technical documentation for rehabilitation of 6 landslides

· Flood Risk Management Study for the Kolubara River Basin

· Handbook for the implementation of the Law on Post Disaster Recovery

· 12 fire departments and 4 Civil Protection Units received equipment

· 316 women, 52 children and 120 students trained on volunteering, civic engagement, psychosocial support and how to act in emergencies

· National Action Plan to implement the National Disaster Risk Management Programme


· Inclusive Growth

· Strategy for the Improvement of the Status of Roma in the Republic of Serbia (2009-2015)

· Establishment of the Association of Roma Coordinators from 55 Serbian municipalities

· Majority of Roma believe that education is a good starting point for their inclusion

· 10 housing units built and 22 houses refurbished in Novi Pazar by engaging Roma

· National Action Plan for Roma Inclusion + 31 Local Action Plans

· Law on Prohibition of Discrimination (2009)

· Establishment of the Commissioner for Protection of Equality

· Production of TV series “Come closer” with anti-discrimination messages

· 600 elementary school children took part in inter-ethnic student exchange

· 40.000 young people participated in “Strength of Diversity” festival in Novi Pazar

· Preparation of the Law on Professional Rehabilitation and Employment of Persons with Disabilities

· Social Innovation Fund was recognized by the Law on Social Welfare Services

· Work with perpetrators of violence against women introduced as a standardized social protection service

· Establishment of Social Innovation Fund - 300 innovative projects in over 100 municipalities for provision of services by Civil Society Organizations to vulnerable groups

· Rulebook on standards for provision of SOS helpline service for women survivors of violence

· 1,947 redundant workers reemployed by using the severance payments

· 2,800 disadvantaged youth such as Roma, persons with disabilities, refugees, internally displaced persons and beneficiaries of the social services received employment, vocational training or self-employment from Youth Employment Fund

· Strengthened institutional capacities of National Employment Service and Centers for Social Welfare to reach out to “hard to employ” people

· Almost 200% return of investment achieved from employment initiatives

· Unemployment decreased by 24.9% in Youth Employment Fund target regions

Women's Empowerment

· 1st National Strategy for Prevention and Elimination of Violence Against Women in the Family and in Intimate Partner Relationship (2011-2015)

· Development of General Protocol of Cooperation between institutions and Specialized Protocols of Conduct in cases of violence against women

· 1st one-stop-shop-info-center on violence against women in Western Balkans launched with Fund B92

· More than 5.000 women survivors of violence received counseling from SOS helpline service providers

· Specialized curriculum on violence against women for judges and prosecutors developed in Judicial Academy

· Number of articles on violence against women increased

· 85% of men who participated in the work with perpetrators programme did not commit violence during the treatment

· 342 judges and prosecutors and 251 police officers trained to improve the quality of services to women survivors of violence

· 60 media professionals trained to report on violence against women

Environment, Climate and Energy


· 4 Combined Heat and Power plants on biomass were constructed during 2016 and received operation permit ready to be connected to the grid

· 5 model contracts on long-term supply of woody and agriculture biomass developed

· Woody and agricultural biomass product catalogues for efficient trading developed

· Legal and regulatory barriers for energy efficiency in municipalities reviewed

· Energy Management Information System (EMIS) software introduced in public buildings and public utility companies

· 6 plants will have the potential to produce 6.35 MW which increases the current energy production from biomass by 130%

· National Renewable Energy Action Plan envisages 30 MW from biogas by 2020

· Biomass Support Unit established to support biomass projects

· Energy Management Information System embedded into official Energy Management System of the Republic of Serbia as stipulated by the Law on Efficient Use of Energy and accompanying bylaws

· Nature Conservation Strategy (2016 – 2022) with biodiversity targets and indicators developed

· Guidelines for Natura 2000 site selection in Serbia developed

· Direct Specific Implementation Plan for EU Birds and Habitats Directives prepared

· 28 protected area managers trained in business planning, 11 business plans developed, 18 rangers trained in tourist guiding

· First trail for people with disabilities constructed in Tara National Park

· “Fight to Know” campaign - consumers’ rights about chemical composition of purchased products

· Increased revenues from nature based tourism - from 16.3% (2009) to 31.4% (2015)

· Financial sustainability of protected areas increased from 27.6% (2009) to 45.3% (2015)

· 26% of tested products of general use contain substances of very high concern

· 2nd National Communication and 1st Biennial Update Report to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change prepared

· Draft National Climate Change Adaptation Plan (2015-2020) developed

· Sustainable transport solutions (e.g. eco-driving, Pedi bus, biking) tested in Belgrade

· National greenhouse gasses inventory prepared

· Greenhouse gasses mitigation potential of sustainable transport measures in Belgrade is estimated at 99,832 kt of CO2eq by 2020

· Framework for implementing climate change policy at the local level established

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