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25 Sep 2013


UNDP in Serbia and the Anticorruption Agency of Serbia set out to publish about corruption in social media. We wanted to break through the over-cautious editorial policies of mainstream media and give new, cutting edge social networking skills to young journalists. We called them “youth sleuths”, to emphasize the investigative aspect of their work. So, we agreed with Pištaljka, Serbia on the Move and Transparency Serbia to embed three young journalists in each organization and help them get the facts right and get the professional story out through social media, hoping to achieve the broadest possible outreach and impact. The journalists wrote close to 30 investigative stories and 10 investigative blogs which uncovered corruption in local municipalities, public procurement of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals and others. All these were seen by several thousand people on social media and further promoted by ACA and UNDP in Serbia through Twitter and Facebook.   Six months down the road our innovative approach had an impact: In August 2013 the Ministry of Culture of Serbia filed a criminal complaint to the Prosecutor, reacting to the sleuth’s article alleging corruption. And few weeks ago, the Ministry of Health filed another complaint following-up to Pištaljka sleuth’s report  Read More

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