Strengthening the Oversight Role and Transparency of the Parliament – 2nd Phase, 2016-2019

About the project

Objective of the Project is to foster accountability in the National and local assemblies. The purpose is to bring MPs and local assembly representatives closer to their electorate, improve practices and transmit experiences from the national to the local level in terms of oversight and representation tools and close the accountability circle towards citizens.

Expected Outcome

  • By 2020, governance institutions at all levels have enhanced accountability and representation to provide better quality services to people and to the economy.


Donor Year Budget
SDC and UNDP costshared 2016-2020 2,512,222



National Assembly Mobile Committee Sessions
Strengthening the oversight function and transparency of the work of local parliaments

Strengthening the Oversight Function and Transparency of the Parliament - Our Story

Public Hearings in Serbia

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