Accelerating Accountability Mechanisms in Public Finances, 2016 - 2018

About the Project

The overall objective of the project is to drive the public finance reform increasingly as a management reform, with focus placed on good and efficient management of institutions as opposed to creation of additional bureaucratic features in the public finance sphere for risk mitigation.

The project forms part of a larger scale UNDP portfolio targeting accountability mechanisms in public finances, building on achievements from a 2-year program preceding this intervention, funded by SIDA, and is complementary to an SDC funded sector project in the area. This comprehensive programmatic framework has potential to lead impact level change in raising trust in the public finance system of the Republic of Serbia and its overall form.


Expected Outcome

In order to achieve improvement in the management of public funds at all levels, the project addresses three key areas where enhancement is needed: managerial accountability, oversight of public finances and enforcement mechanisms.

In the framework of the overall three priorities, the project will focus on:

- Transparency in public finances at both central (by introducing open data in public finances) and local levels (through development of public finance portals in at least 10 municipal assemblies)

- Upgrading the public procurement system from both a regulatory perspective and appeal mechanisms

- Introduction of a 'good management' approach, underpinning managerial accountability by automatizing processes (e.g. public debt management, segments of public procurement, introduction of the open data concept) and shifting a focus from red tape to effective management in public finances, especially in public procurement (e.g. by encouraging the value for money concept instead of the lowest value bid)


Donor Budget Currency
Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) 2,335,480.00 $

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