Management of the Citizen - Centric Policy Measures - Office of the Prime Minister

About the project

The overall objective of the project is to enable the Government to drive forward a set of citizen-centric policy measures and interventions, which will make a substantial difference to the quality of life experienced by Serbia’s citizens.

The purpose of the project is the support of the Office of the Prime Minister by providing advisory services to its Strategic Project Implementation Unit tasked with supporting the Cabinet in delivering better results faster in key priority areas: infrastructure, investment climate, agriculture, restructuring of public enterprises and public administration reform.  

Expected Outcome

  • All branches of government at local and national levels are accountable, transparent and gender responsive.
  • National and sub-national authorities, including line ministries, have developed capacities to plan, manage, monitor inclusive, integrated, and EU compliant development, and to manage resources, coordinate investments, and report on public spending in all sectors.


Donor Year Budget
Expense Currency
Government of Serbia, UNDP
2016 973,475.00
480.987.00 $
Government of Serbia, UNDP 2015 502,125.00 494,956.00 $

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