Climate Smart Urban Development Challenge

About the Project


The objective of the project is to promote climate-smart urban development. By a challenge prize approach it seeks to actively engage the civil society, public and business communities to come up with new and innovative ideas on how to contribute to this in practice and to jointly develop, finance and implement these ideas further. Broader and more effective use of new information and communication technologies (ICT)to enable and spearhead innovation and productivity gains, optimization of the resource use (e.g. by improved energy efficiency and resource sharing), reduction of physical mobility needs, more attractive public and non-motorized transport, increased use of renewable energy sources, climate smart waste management (improved recycling schemes and waste to energy) and other measures contributing to climate change mitigation are among the topics to be considered in this context.

Expected Outcome

By 2020, there are improved capacities to combat climate change and manage natural resources and communities are more resilient to the effects of natural and man-made disasters



Budget Amount Currency
Global Environment Fund 1,950,000 $

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