Environment Projects

  • National Biodiversity Planning
    Oct 12, 2016

    the project is a significant contribution to Serbia's efforts towards implementing the CBD Strategic Plan 2011-2020 at the national level. The project builds on the current status and achievements of Serbia with respect to biodiversity planning and reporting. It aims to integrate Serbia's obligation under the Convention of Bilogical Diversity (CBD) into its national development and sectoral planning frameworks through a renewed and participative 'biodiversity planning' and strategizing process.

  • Capacity Development for Improved Implementation of Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs)

    The objective of the project is to improve implementation of Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs) in Serbia by strengthening consultative processes and integrating MEA provisions into high-priority policies and programs at national and municipal levels. The project will strengthen participation in MEAs through targeted research, a comprehensive overview of MEA issues and activities, and ongoing input from civil society.

  • Capacity Building and Strategic Partnerships for Chemicals Safety in the Republic of Serbia

    The project aims to build capacity and strengthen cooperation between government agencies, NGOs, and other civil socity sectors, on strengthening legislation, enforcement and partnerships fpr chemical safety, in particular harmful chemicals in production.

  • This project will improve management of protected areas in Serbia.

  • On the World Car Free Day on September 22, companies in Belgrade and their employees had a unique opportunity to participate in a challenge Samo ne Autom (engl. Just Not by Car) and join the global initiative to help protect the environment by using ecologically sustainable means of transport.

  • Mercury Initial Assessment in the Republic of Serbia

    Undertake a Mercury Initial Assessment (MIA) to enable the Government of the Republic of Serbia to determine the national requirements and needs for the ratification of the Minamata Convention and defining of national priorities for implementation of the Convention

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