What We Do

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is the UN’s global development network, working in 177 countries and territories. UNDP provides technical advice and assistance for sustainable human development and supports Serbia in joining the European Union.

Our Goals

Since 2000, UNDP has been supporting the citizens of Serbia to move from post-conflict recovery towards sustainable development. Country Programme Action Plan (CPAP) defines three goals defined for the period 2011-2015: • Sustainable Development and Social Inclusion Enhanced • Good Governance Strengthened • Enabling Framework for Environmental Management and Energy Efficiency Strengthenedview more


UNDP operates in Serbia since 1952 through the Country Office in Belgrade

Our Stories

  • Better social support for people with disabilities

    Opening Opportunities for People with Disabilities

    According to estimates, persons with disabilities represent 10% of the population – 800,000 people in Serbia. Still, they are rarely seen and do not have the opportunity to participate in social, economic and political life.

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Projects and Initiatives

Improving Human Security for Vulnerable Communities in Southwest Serbia

This project will create jobs that will generate household income, secure access to public and social services, and promote community cohesion which will collectively enhance and strengthen human security in southwest Serbia. It will set the ground for a widespread behavioral change and for increased citizen’s engagement in community related matters. more

Integrated Response to Violence against Women in Serbia

This project will create social and institutional environment that will contribute to reducing violence against women in Serbia more

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