Aid for Trade

About the Project

The objective of this project is to promote inclusive growth through promoting productive capacities and competitiveness within the agricultural sector in Serbia. The project is funded by UNDP-Russia Trust Fund and it builds upon UNDP experience in development assistance to the countries of Eastern Europe and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

Expected Outcome


The project will focus on increasing trade and stabilizing income generation in rural areas through two activities:

-          Assisting producers to improve their productive capacities and increase their knowledge on markets and export;

-          Strengthening cooperatives and associations to participate in decision making process.

In addition, the project will work on promoting the potential of Serbian agriculture through supporting participation of producers and processors in fairs and other promotional events, both on regional and international level.


Year Amount Currency
UNDP-Russia Trust Fund for Developmen 2019 280,680.00 $
UNDP-Russia Trust Fund for Developmen 2018 488,160.00 $
UNDP-Russia Trust Fund for Developmen 2017 448,200.00 $
UNDP-Russia Trust Fund for Developmen 2016 282,960.00 $



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