Enhancing Local Resilience to the Migration Crisis

About the Project

UNDP_SRB_USAID_provides_1.3_millionPhoto credit: UNCT Serbia/Andjela Grozdanic

The migration crisis took a toll on affected Serbia municipalities. The assets depreciated and the quality and quantity of services decreased. The migrants’ influx indirectly affected the community cohesion as the citizens increasingly felt unsecure. Notwithstanding the fact that the host communities predominantly acted responsively to migrants’ humanitarian needs, the concern that the modest development gains that the municipalities managed to achieve so far will vanish prevails.

UNDP will support the affected municipalities to cope with the crisis by improving the waste management, water supply, wastewater treatment, social and health services. Both domicile population and migrants which might stay in Serbia will directly benefit from the intervention. The main assumption is that the community cohesion could be nurtured through improved service delivery, making the community more resilient for current and future shocks.

Expected Outcome

Better services delivered to migration affected communities and migrants


Budget Currency
USAID 1,300,000 $
159,708 $

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