Local Development of Eastern Serbia through Increased Revenue from Tourism

About the Project

UNDP_SRB_GolubacGolubac fortress. Photo by UNDP Serbia

At present, there are only three river cruise ports in Serbia (Belgrade, Novi Sad and Donji Milanovac). Approximately 80,000 tourists disembark through these ports, from approximately 800 port calls. Comparative analysis of the number of port calls on passenger terminals in Serbia for 2013 and 2016 indicate a great potential of eastern Serbia as a tourist destination, in fact there was a growth in the number of calls on the passenger terminal in Donji Milanovac - over 77% in just three years. 

The projects aims to promote local development through increased revenue from tourists from dockings on Danube ports and offer services to local self-governments in the municipalities in Eastern Serbia to prepare plans for development of ports in Smederevo, Kostolac, Veliki Gradiste, Donji Milanovac, Koladovo, Golubac. 

Expected Outcome

The project serves to promote tourism in Eastern Serbia on inland waterways and will aim to provide coordination and resource mobilization towards development of local economiesin cities with open passanger terminals for water transport through 1) stengthening international traffic (cruisers) and 2) domestic traffic (liner traffic), 3) selection of port operators


Budget Amount Currency
Government of the Republic of Serbia 86,164 $
UNDP 20,000 $

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