Increased Resilience to Respond to Emergency Situations

About the project

The project will support recovery, reduce vulnerability and increase resilience in 27 flood affected municipalities through area-based, multi-dimensional and integrated approaches.

The proposed initiative envisages support to the Serbian municipalities most severely affected by the recent floods. The project will address infrastructural shortcomings that have been identified in the aftermath of the floods, while at the same time building resilience and improving disaster risk management and ensuring women s inclusion in emergency response.

Expected Outcome

  •  Small scale infrastructure works which include reparation and improvement of the water supply system (replacements/reparation of water pumps, cleaning and reparation of water supply system, etc.), wastewater treatment, improving sanitation at municipal level (unclogging and reconstruction works on the sewage and collection systems, etc.), improving public utility infrastructure damaged during the floods and support to municipalities in developing technical project documentation for larger scale infrastructure investments (thus allowing municipalities to access EU, multilateral and bilateral funding);
  • Enhancing municipal capacities for disaster preparedness in line with the EU Civil Protection Mechanism;
  • Supporting women s NGOs in advocating for women participation in disaster risk management and planning and in strengthening women security in crisis;
  • Landslides rehabilitation.


Donor Year Budget
Expense Currency
Government of Japan 2015 2,665,526.00 2,565,863.00 $
Government of Japan 2016 1,051,687.00 1,062,561.00 $

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