Response to the Effects of Floods in Serbia 2014-2016

About the Project

The project will support the relief and recovery efforts caused by the floods in Negotin, Kladovo and Majdanpek municipalities that occurred in September 2014. The immediate need for intervention in the water and sewage sector was identified since it presented life threatening situation relate to risk of dehydration and the dangers associated with infectious and communicable diseases.

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to recovery actions taken by the Government of Serbia through provision of direct recovery assistance to municipality affected by floods. This objective also shows the commitment of the donor community to work on effective rehabilitation of the flood-affected areas, in support of sustainable livelihoods

Expected Outcome

Sewage and water systems in three flood affected municipalities unclogged and operational


Donor Year Amount Currency
CiHall-Bel, PCSH, ROM, Majdanpek, UNDP, CERF 2016 216,247.00 $
CiHall-Bel, PCSH, ROM, Majdanpek, UNDP, CERF 2015 1,688,529.00 $
CiHall-Bel, PCSH, ROM, Majdanpek, UNDP, CERF 2014 3,348,687.00 $

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