Strengthening Disaster Risk Reduction in Serbia through Community Volunteer-based Solutions

About the Project


To bridge the shortage gap of qualified professionals and the large contingent of unemployed graduates, UNDP developed a youth volunteer scheme for capacity enhancement in DRR at the local and national levels.

We announced the Call for MA/PhD Students and Young Professionals/Recent Graduates for the DRR Summer Trainings 2017 and the Roster for Placement in National and Local DRR Institutions in 2018 in April and selected 34 participants for the capacity-building activities, out of which there are 24 young women.

Profiles of the selected project participants


We held two sessions of 2-days trainings in Petnica in May and on Divcibare in June, which provided a valuable insight into the work of national and local DRR institutions (both governmental bodies and public enterprises), academia and certain representatives of private and civil sectors in this realm.

Participants’ ideas on implementation of measures from the Action Plan for the implementation of the National Disaster Risk Management Programme (2016-2020): 

§  The establishment of the Department for disaster risk and emergency management training within the National training center (Danica Rašeta, Miloš Tišma, Olja Stevanović, Milica Stevanović, Ivana Martać, Vlade Madžarević, Aleksandra Stefanović, Anica Vasić)

§  Creating erosion maps and registration of erosive areas; creation of a cadaster of torrents (Ivana Čeković, Ivana Jazić, Marija Nešović, Nikola Tošić, Aleksandra Lazić, Jovana Andrić, Milica Lukić, Miloš Matić)

§  Implementation of the National Center 112 (Dušica Pejić, Nevena Šekarić, Stefan Jović, Majda Mehanović, Jovana Bogosavljević, Nemanja Vuksanović, Anja Riznić)

§  Construction of the Educational / Temporary Shelter Centre (Nevena Jovanović, Jelena Ivanović, Sofija Conić, Borjan Brankov, Jovana Smoljenović, Katarina Pešić, Nikola Čađo, Milica Drecun).

In July we conducted a field visit to Krupanj Municipality, one of the local self-governments strongly affected by floods in May 2014. Project participants made an analysis on the damage in 2014, preventive measures implemented afterwards and the savings achieved by preventing disasters in 2017.

The expected outcome of the project is three-fold:

-       To increase interest and strengthen capacities among youth for professional engagement in DRR practices;

-       To promote volunteerism and introduce an innovative scheme of embedding recent graduates trained in DRR into national and local DRR institutions;

-       To bridge the gap between the needs of national and local DRR institutions and a loss of qualified experts due to austerity measures in Serbia.

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