Integrated Response to Violence against Women in Serbia

What is the project about

Create social and institutional environment that will contribute to reducing violence against women in Serbia

Expected results

  • Women and girls have greater understanding and awareness of VaW and access to services
  • Schools, centers for social work, media and general public have increased capacities and sensitivity to prevent VaW in family and in intimate partner relationships in targeted municipalities
  • Service providers have improved capacities to protect women from violence in family and in intimate partner relationships in targeted municipalities

Who Finances it?

Donor Amount Currency
UN Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women 500,000 USD

Key Statistics

  • The overall prevalence (during life span) of VaW in family and intimate partner relationships is 54.2%, while the current prevalence rate (during last 12 months) is 37.5%
  • The most frequent form of violence is psychological (48.7%), followed by physical (21.6%) and economical (15.8%), while the least frequently reported is sexual violence (3.8%)
  • Men are perpetrators of gender based violence much more often than women. As significant share of 89.9% cases of physical violence are committed by men against women. In addition, 79.0% of psychological violence and 85.3% of economic violence is committed by men. The most frequent perpetrators are husbands and partners: 50.6% of economic, 58% of psychological and 71.7% of physical violence is committed by husbands and partners. Finally, the most severe cases of physical violence against women are almost exclusively committed by men (96%), and 80.8% by husbands and partners.
  • Other family and household members also suffer from different consequences of domestic violence. Most importantly, children often witness family violence - 40% of physical violence against women that ever happened was witnessed by the one or more dependent children, and in 10.2% of cases children were also phisically injured.
  • Attitudes among youth: Community research among boys indicate that 17% of boys think that sexual violence is caused by woman’s “inappropriate behavior”. As many as 14% of boys have insulted his girlfriend or some other young women and 6-7% have been violent through pressuring for sexual relation, physical violence or threatening. As many as 42% confirms that they would have to join the fight if their friends are in it and 29% thinks that they would be ashamed to withdraw or give up on the fight.

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