New young wildlife photographers

18 May 2013


To mark the Biodiversity Week (18-26 May 2013) UNDP organized a school of photography for the beneficiaries of Centre for Youth Integration. The goal was to teach these young people the basic skills in photography, using Avala’s wildlife as scenery.

Avala, a mountain close to Belgrade, was categorized by the city authorities as a protected natural asset. This enabled the preservation of its specific natural, cultural and historical characteristics, set the basis for sustainable use of natural resources and development of tourist potentials. 15 beneficiaries also had the opportunity to hear more about Avala’s biodiversity.

„Creative work with children is extremely important, as it supports children in successful management of daily activities and motivates them to act responsibly toward themselves and the world around them. United Nations Development Programme is trying, with this and similar actions, to educate young people of the need to protect and preserve the environment, with an interesting approach to the subject“, said Ms. Milena Kozomara, UNDP’s Portfolio Manager.

„We at the Centre for Youth Integration are trying, independently or in partnerships, to implement programmes contributing to better appreciation of children’s interests and the principles of children’s participation“, said Dragana Jovanović from the Centre for Youth Integration, adding that „ in cooperation with partners and friends, we have managed to create a support system for children who live or work on the street and to provide them with better quality of life. A good example is this photography school for our beneficiaries, organized by the United Nations Development Programme. “

The Centre for Youth Integration is a non-governmental organization established in 2004 in Belgrade. In 2005, the Centre launched a work programme for children and youth living and/or working on the streets of the central Belgrade area. The children who are coming to Daily Centre are up to 19 years old. So far, over 600 children visited the Daily Centre.  There are 140 active beneficiaries at the moment.