Youth Theatre Festival to continue next year?

Aug 27, 2013

Queuing to see the play

As a part of UNDP supported week of culture, Novi Pazar hosted „Hypertension“ , the theatre play written and directed by Mr. Svetislav Basara, renowned Serbian postmodern novelist and writer.

After the play, the Youth Theatre Festival that UNDP in Serbia supported from 20-27 August 2013 through the"Improving Human Security in Southwest Serbia" project was closed.

The play was shown in a Cultural Centre and predominantly young audience was for the first time in position to watch artists from Belgrade, Mr. Predrag Ejdus and Mr. Branislav Trifunovic, playing for them.  

Following the play Mr. Branislav Trifunovic, handed the awards to:

  • “Muškarčine”, performed by Centar E8 and Bitef Theater from Belgrade for the best play, as decided anonymously by the jury and audience.
  • Mr. Mitar Mladenović for the best women role in “To ti je LAJF”, performed by Kruška from Kruševac
  • Mr. Slobodan Stanković for the best male role in  “Pacijent doktora Frojda”, performed by Kulturni centar from Pećinci
  • “Pozdravi nekog”, performed by CZNTK Abrašević from Kragujevac received a special award for innovation and research in theatre.

Mr. Meho Mahmutovic, Major of Novi Pazar has attended the closing ceremony. "Youth Theatre Festival is a great event that will contribute to breaking a sterotypes about our region", said Mr. Mahmutovic, thanking UNDP for the support.

5000 people attended the festival and there is a high likelihood that it will continue next year.


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