Citizens' support to Government and Anticorruption Agency in fighting corruption still high

Oct 3, 2013

From right to left: Mr. Marko Blagojević, Mr. Juerg Staudenmann, Mr. Zoran Babić and Mr. Zoran Stojiljković

UNDP in Serbia, the Anti-corruption Agency and CeSID presented today the results of the Seventh Public Opinion Research on CorruptionInspired by the Global Barometer methodology of the Transparency International and by similar researches conducted worldwide, UNDP's research offers data about both the incidence and perception of corruption in the Serbia.

In December 2012 the citizens expressed optimistic views and the perception was that corruption was decreasing. The latest research from June this year confirms that citizens still support the Government and Anti-corruption Agency in their anti-corruption endeavors.

Government's concrete work in fighting corruption is again recognized and 64% of citizens believe that the Government demonstrated efficiency. 77% of respondents are familiar with the work of Anti-corruption Agency, a score similar to last year's.  

The number of direct and indirect experiences with corruption slightly increased. However, the numbers are still far below 2009 levels. The number of cases in which the citizens were asked for a bribe also increased. But, especially encouraging is the fact that an increasing number of citizens (46%) is not ready to pay a bribe, if solicited.

The research was presented by:

1.    Zoran Babić, SNS MP and President of GOPAC Chapter in Serbia

2.    Juerg Staudenmann, UNDP Resident Representative a.i.

3.    Prof. dr. Zoran Stojiljković, Board Member, Anticorruption Agency

4.    Marko Blagojević, Director of Operations,  CESID