Vlasina Award of Excellence

Dec 13, 2013

Event participants

On 13 December, UNDP and Coca-Cola System organized "Vlasina Award of Excellence" in the Palace of Serbia. Students from seven Serbian faculties of tourism: Faculty of Economics from Subotica, Faculty of Economics from Belgrade,  Faculty for Tourism and Hotel Management, University of Singidunum, Faculty for Tourism and Sport TIMS, University Educons, Faculty for Hospitality and Tourism from Vrnjacka Banja, Department for Geography, Tourism and Hotel Management, University of Novi Sad and Business College from Novi Sad, presented their 2020 vision of Vlasina.

The common feature of all presentations was a vision of Vlasina as an active eco-tourism destination that offers recognizable products in line with sustainable development principles thus creating a brand that will become recognizable in the future.

The selection committee consisted of Coca-Cola Company, Srbijasume, Convention Bureau of Srbija, Ministry of Energy, Development and Environment Protection and SEEBTM Magazine representatives decided to award students from Faculty of Economics Belgrade, Faculty for Tourism and Hotel Management and Faculty for Tourism and Sport TIMS for the best presentations. Winning teams received a three day visit to Vlasina Lake where they will have the opportunity to meet the people who are in charge of Lake Vlasina management and further discuss their visions.

„Vlasina Award of Excellence “represents great practical and professional experience for every student. It was a true pleasure to participate in this event that UNDP professionally organized”, said Danka Pajić, IV year student at the Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade.

The event was organized as a part of the “Vlasina Lake Ecotourism Promotion and Environment Protection“project.