Japan Approved USD 4.5 Million Additional Grant Aid in Response to the Refugee and Migrant Crisis in Serbia

Feb 2, 2016

Press Release by Embassy of Japan

On 20 January 2016 Japan approved an additional grant aid worth USD 4,575,000 for the following projects of UNHCR, UNDP, IOM and UNICEF in response to the refugee and migrant crisis in the Republic of Serbia.



(US Dollars)

Project Title



Emergency support for refugee crisis in Serbia, Europe



Strengthening local resilience in Serbia: Mitigating the impact of the migration crisis



Support to border police in addressing increased migration flows along the Western Balkan route



Strengthening emergency assistance to refugees and migrants, with special focus on children, in Serbia




The outline of the projects:

UNHCR: USD 1,830,000

Support for the improvement of reception conditions and the response to the needs of refugees

Support to local health centers in affected municipalities with the provision of basic medicines and sanitation items

Support to extremely vulnerable individuals with the provision of hygiene and other non-food items

Support to refugees and migrants with the provision of relevant information and referral to state institutions

Support for the strengthening of asylum system by ensuring access to legal assistance through legal partners and interpreters

UNDP: USD 1,095,000

Support to local municipalities affected by refugee and migrant crisis by strengthening the institutional capacity for public service delivery

Support to local institutions of affected municipalities to maintain and strengthen the community cohesion in the midst of refugee and migrant crisis

IOM: USD 900,000

Support for the improvement of border management with the provision of special vehicles and equipment to border police

Support for the enhancement of the capacity for processing, registration and referral of refugees and migrants with the provision of equipment and training to police and other field staff

UNICEF: USD 750,000

Support to refugee and migrant children and women with the provision of adequate safe child-friendly and mother and baby spaces, nutrition and winterization items

(Reference: Previous assistance of Japan to the Republic of Serbia related to the refugee and migrant crisis in Europe)

(1) EMERGENCY GRANT AID (announced in September 2015)

Assistance worth USD 2,000,000 to the Republic of Serbia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina through UNHCR, IOM and IFRC (to Serbia: USD 961,649)

UNHCR:  USD 1,000,000 (to Serbia: USD 472,000)

Support to reception centers and aid points for refugees and migrants with the provision of mental care, etc. (Miratovac, Preševo, Belgrade, Šid)

IOM: USD 500,000 (to Serbia: USD 239,649)

Support for border management and refugee and migrant registration (Miratovac, Šid)

IFRC: USD  500,000 (to Serbia: USD 250,000)

Support to refugees and migrants with the provision of food and medical assistance (Preševo, Dimitrovgrad)

(2) ADDITIONAL GRANT AID (announced in November 2015)

Assistance worth USD 2,700,000 to the Republic of Serbia and FYR of Macedonia through UNHCR

UNHCR: USD 2,700,000

Support to reception centers for refugees and migrants with the provision of heating equipment and other winterization items (for Serbia: Miratovac, Preševo, Dimitrovgrad, Šid)

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