Six Projects to Build Local Resilience in Migration Crisis

Sep 9, 2016

Serbia-Hungary border. © UNCT Serbia / Andjela Grozdanic

From breaking down prejudice about the migration crisis in Bujanovac and Preševo to building infrastructure in Dimitrovgrad – these are only two out of six local projects that will be implemented within the wider effort aimed at Strengthening Local Resilience in Serbia: Mitigating the Impact of Migration Crisis, which is being implemented by UNDP thanks to the funds donated by the Japanese Government.

The EUR 1.1 million Project that started in April this year aims to build resilience of the municipalities in Serbia by strengthening local institutions and service provision and maintaining community cohesion in the face of the crisis caused by migration. The Project will coordinate its activities with key national institutions, local self-governments and international organizations in delivering a robust response to the crisis caused by migration.

The six local projects will be implemented in six municipalities that suffered most of the pressure during migration crisis: Subotica, Šid, Dimitrovgrad, Bujanovac, Preševo and Kanjiža. The projects include Mobile Youth Club: Tolerance and Solidarity for Sustainable Society (Šid and Subotica), Personal Stories of Migrants as a Path to Building Trust and Solidarity (Šid), Supporting Citizens of Dimitrovgrad in Overcoming the Migrant Crisis (Dimitrovgrad), a Glance from the Other Side – Understanding the Migrant Crisis to Break Down Prejudice (Bujanovac and Preševo), You will never walk alone (Subotica) and Asylum Seekers and Migrants in our Neighborhood/Being Informed and Interacting instead of Spreading Fear and Prejudice (Subotica and Kanjiža).

For more information about this project, please contact Stevan Vujasinović by phone on +381 (0)11 4155 310 or by e-mail at

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