Take Part in the Challenge: Just not by Car!

Sep 14, 2016

On the World Car Free Day on September 22, companies in Belgrade and their employees will have a unique opportunity to participate in a challenge Samo ne Autom (engl. Just Not by Car) and join the global initiative to help protect the environment by using ecologically sustainable means of transport.

On this day, cycling associations Bajsologija and Ulice za bicikle supported by Heinrich Böll Foundation and UNDP Serbia are challenging organizations/employees in Belgrade to compete by employee teams leaving their cars at home for a day and opting for cycling or walking to work.

The Competition is open for all companies, which can register their teams comprising at least 3 employees by email samoneautom@gmail.com no later than September 19.

Participants will be competing in three categories. For the highest scoring individual, for the highest scoring team (company) and for the company with most registered employees taking part.

Their distances in kilometres will be tracked through an Android app for mobile phones - Strava (see instructions) and published on the website.

The award ceremony is taking place at the business park Airport City on Tuesday, September 27.

Detailed Rules of the Competition are available in the right column on this webpage.

For additional information, please contact us by email samoneautom@gmail.com or mobile +381 65 200 90 17.   

Important links for the competition:


Facebook page

Twitter account

Strava app - instruction

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