Serbian Diaspora Overachievers Get Together in Paris for Service to Development

May 13, 2017

The first “Diaspora Overachievers in the Service of Development” meeting took place on 13 May 2017 in Paris, France. The overall project includes researches, interviews and such forums in Paris, London, New York and Ottawa - fostering the network and materials important for the preparation of “Diaspora Home Office - Investment Centre”.

UNDP Serbia supports the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia to develop detailed action plans along 3 components: a) establishment of the investment center within the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia, b) branding of Serbian products and export incentives for Serbian products in Diaspora countries and c] improved settings for remittance transfers from Diaspora countries.

Eminent French business executives, high-level scientists, experts and lobbyist of Serbian origin attended the meeting, working as a group to gather the interdisciplinary ideas, recommendations and solutions for the “Diaspora Home Office - Investment Centre”.

The meeting was chaired by Aleksandar Protic, Vice-President of the European Federation for UNESCO networks and the project coordinator.

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