Spearheading Legislative Drafting Skills amongst Civil Servants, Students and Representatives of Local Assemblies

Jul 11, 2017

Legislative Drafting courses will be organized for representatives of the local assemblies and Monograph and Handbook on Legislative Drafting and Legal Comprehension published for law students, civil servants and local assemblies for the first time by the Faculty of Law University of Belgrade featuring eminent academia and practice representatives.

Ms. Steliana Nedera, Deputy Resident Representative at UNDP Serbia and Mr. Sima Avramovic, Dean of Faculty of Law signed the Grant Agreement today worth 19,000 USD, which will ensure trainings for representatives of local assemblies in three selected cities in Serbia and publishing of the reading materials that would allow for an insight into legislative drafting theoretical and practical approaches and enable the enhanced quality of new legislative solutions. The grant is provided within the project “Strengthening the Oversight and Transparency of the Parliament – 2nd Phase”, which is being implemented by UNDP in cooperation with the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, thanks to the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

With this grant, the cooperation with the Faculty of Law on sharing the best legislative practices and upgrading the knowledge of students and public servants has successfully continued. In 2016,  the Course on Legislative Drafting and Legalistic Comprehension was piloted at the Faculty. A total of 121 certificates were issued, for 41 students and 80 civil servants. As of this year, the Course has become part of the regular Faculty of Law’s curricula.

The upcoming activities are building on the effort and learnings from last year. The attendees of this Course expressed the need for a comprehensive publication on legislative drafting in Serbia, which inspired the publishing of the Monograph and Handbook on Legislative Drafting and Legal Comprehension. The training designed for the representatives of the local assemblies will be in the form of lectures and workshops, discussion points relevant to their scope of work on local level as well as overview. The trainings shall be managed by the prof. Radmila Vasic.

For more information about this project, please contact Stevan Vujasinović by phone on +381 (0)11 4155 310 or by e-mail at communications.rs@undp.org

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