Finansiranje i realizacija


UNDP Serbia Resource Mobilization in 2014
Project Donor Total in US$ in 2014
Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Serbia MOF 230,000
Judical Academy of the Republic of Serbia JA 5,719
Municipality of Vracar Municipality of Vracar 536,772
Municipality of Cajetina I Municpiality of Cajetina 785,829
Municipality of Cajetina II (Gondola) Cajetina 14,828,000
Support to Human Security, Dialogue Café Govt of Turkey 26,000
Mainstreaming Migration ( phase I) IOM 27,248
Mainstreaming Migration (phase II) IOM 46,500
Floods in Serbia/BCPR BCPR/Trac3 100,000
Floods in Serbia, CERF, UNOCHA UNOCHA 388,143
Floods in Serba, BCPR BCPR 1,500,000
Floods in Serbia, UAE United Arab Emirates 1,360,544
Central Harmonization Unit Swiss Development Cooperation 104,760
HIV/Aids final activities UNHCR 4,159
Floods in Serba, Romania/Support to Eastern Serbia Govt of Romania 60,000
TOTAL   20,657,030
UNDP Serbia Resource Mobilization in 2013    
Project Donor Total in US$ in 2013
Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Serbia Ministry of Finance 237,000
Ministry of Energy for InfoSystems Ministry of Energy 44,290
 Improving Service Delivery at Local Level (Municipality of Savski Venac) Municipality of Savski Venac 12,562
Improving Service Delivery at Local Level (Municipality of Cajetina) Municipality of Cajetina 225,730
Improving Service Delivery at Local Level (Municipality of Bosilegrad) Municipality of Bosilegrad 72,525
Improving Service Delivery at Local Level (Municpality of Vracar) Municipality of Vracar 422,909
Public Finance Second Stage (State Audit Institution) SIDA 2,328,000
Reducing Barriers to Accelerate the Development of Biomass Markets in Serbia GEF 2,845,000
Biennial Update Report   GEF 352,000
EU SEESAC Second Phase EU 7,281,000
Government of Italy Italy 81,522
UN Office for Disaster Reduction (UNISDR) UNISDR 82,560
OHCHR Geneva OHCHR 158,847
Norway - Arms Control in WB II Norway 545,699
BDP global fund - Justice BDP 40,000
Regional Roma Project, Swiss Dev Cooperation Swiss 400,000
UNDP Post 2015 UNDP 64,000
UNDP DGTTF Zero Tolerance, Anti-Corrupion UNDP/DGTTF 40,000
UNDP DGTTF Access to Justice UNDP/DGTTF 40,000
TOTAL   15,356,118
UNDP Serbia Resource Mobilization in 2012    
Project Donor Total in US$ in 2012
Local Municipal Initiatives ( Cajetina) Cajetina 121,650
Local Municipal Intiitatives ( Alibunar) Alibunar 175,207
Local Municipal Initiatives (Bosilegrad) Bosilegrad 245,749
Local Municipal Initiatives (Savski Venac) Savski Venac 27,461
Anti-Discrimination SEIO - Communicating EU in Serbia GBritain to SEIO/Govt CS 34,565
Support to Commissioner for Protection of Equality CPE/ Govt CS 60,000
Finance Sector Policy Coordination Govt CS/ MOF 1,000,000
PPG Biomass GEF 80,000
Biodiversity GEF 220,000
PBILD S Serbia Swiss 433,333
Regional Cooperation on Gender in WB (Women in Military) Sweden 43,000
Anti-Corruption Youth Sleuth DGTTF 200,000
Conventional Ammuniction Stockpile Mgmt OSCE 468,000
Parliament Oversight Function and Transparency Swiss 1,110,000
UN Trust Fund - Preventing Violence against Women UN Gender Trust Fund 573,819
Improving Human Security for Migrants and Other Vulnerable, SW Serbia, Sandzak Hum Sec Trust Fund 1,206,560
Social Accountability Initiative in Serbia (global) Anti-corruption and MDGs TF 120,000
UN Theme Group, UNAids UNHCR 7,000
UN Theme Group, UNAids UNICEF 10,000
Total   6,136,344