Advancing Accountability Mechanisms in Public Finances

What is the project about

Advancing the performance of state and non-state actors, both at central and local level for effective enforcement and prevention of the misuse of public funds.

Expected results

  • State Audit Institution advances its capacities through certification, induction of new staff and improved relations with media
  • Public Procurement Office optimizes public procurement spending and supports the central and local authorities to implement the new Public Procurement Law
  • The introduction and standardization of internal controls and audit supported through the Ministry of Finance
  • Commission for Protection of Rights in Public Procurement Procedures supported in implementing new authorities under the Public Procurement Law
  • NGOs and media are better equipped to monitor and report on public finances
  • State Audit Institution introduces the prevention pillar for the local level for compliance with the accounting and audit principles
  • Prosecutors and judges maximize the use of evidence in processing cases involving misuse of public funds 

Who Finances it?

Donor Amount Currency
SIDA 2,328,318 USD