Resilient Development 

Energy, Climate and Environment

We challenged inventors in Serbia to propose new solutions for tackling Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions at the local level and are assisting the project teams to grow these ideas within the Climate Incubator/Accelerator, through concept development, prototypes and testing. UNDP is co-funding inventors’ private borrowing and other budgetary or donor funding to implement these ideas.

UNDP Serbia also assists the Government to report to UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the Convention on Biological Diversity, the UN Convention to Combat Desertification, and other multilateral agreements, preparing information for the national inventories, drafting adaptation options and strengthening monitoring, verification and reporting mechanisms.

When it comes to Biomass market development UNDP is the leader in promoting the use of agriculture biomass for the energy production in Serbia. We blended finances with the Ministry of Mining and Energy to enable private borrowing. The seed funding, coupled with private investments, resulted in construction of six private biogas facilities, which now produce 6.32 MW of electricity on the grid. In this way the total installed capacity of biogas facilities in Serbia increased by 130% in four years, compared to 2015.

In parallel, UNDP blended funds with the Serbian budget to improve energy savings in 13 municipalities. Introduction of energy efficiency measures in public buildings in these local communities resulted in estimated energy savings of 2 million kWh/year, as well as in 1,500 tons of estimated CO2 emission reduction annually, thus contributing to climate change mitigation.

In the area of Environment Protection, UNDP has created the first-ever Mercury Inventory, and is currently assisting the Government to coordinate activities and reporting related to all four dangerous chemicals conventions (Basel, Rotterdam, Minamata and Stockholm). UNDP is also supporting the work on environment with young entrepreneurs, parliamentarians, civil society and academia, revising the policies on strategic and environment impact assessments.

Energy, Climate and Environment Projects

Advancing Medium and Long-Term Adaptation Planning in the Republic of Serbia

To improve Serbia’s legal framework for addressing climate change vulnerabilities and strengthen institutional capacities for integrating climate change adaptation (CCA) measures into decision making…  

Establishing Transparency Framework for the Republic of Serbia

The project supports the Government of Serbia in strengthening the methodologies and tools necessary to enhance transparency as described in Article 13 of the Paris Agreement.  

Strengthening the synergies between the Basel, Rotterdam, Stockholm and Minamata Conventions at the national level in the Republic of Serbia

The project will improve cooperation between government departments and agencies, industry, academia and civil society organizations in the field of chemicals and waste management.  

Second Biennial Update Report and Third National Communication under the UNFCCC

The project is supporting the fulfillment of UNFCCC reporting requirements, and the establishment of a regular biennial reporting cycle to UNFCCC, while improving information exchange and partnership…  

Capacity Development for Improved Implementation of Multilateral Environmental Agreements

The objective of the project is to improve implementation of MEAs in Serbia by strengthening consultative processes and integrating MEA provisions into high-priority policies and programs at national…  

Aid for Trade

The objective of this project is to promote inclusive growth through promoting productive capacities and competitiveness within the agricultural sector in Serbia.  

South East Europe Urban Resilience Building Action Network

The Project aims to enable South East European countries to reduce the likelihood of conflict and to lower the risk of natural disasters, including from climate change.  

Mercury Initial Assessment in the Republic of Serbia

The project aims to strengthen national decision-making toward ratification of the Minamata Convention on Mercury and build national capacity towards implementation of future obligations,  

Reducing Barriers to Accelerate the Development of Biomass Markets in Serbia

The objective of the Biomass Project is to increase the share of energy from renewable sources in the energy mix of Serbia, namely the share of biomass in power generation.  

Removing Barriers to Promote and Support Energy Management Systems in Municipalities throughout Serbia

The objective of EE Project is to introduce and support the implementation of municipal Energy Management Systems, including Energy Management Information Systems throughout Serbia to increase the EE…  

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