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Roma youth for Roma community during the COVID-19 pandemic

Young UN Volunteers Silvija, Kristina and Meti do their part in assisting their community to overcome the challenges of COVID-19 pandemic.  

How to find the right formula for the 21st century challenges - 1st year of the UNDP Serbia Accelerator Lab

Innovations, discoveries, the human angle, experimentation, networking, these are the first thoughts that come to mind when the members of the Accelerator Lab in Serbia look back at their first year…  

Stories of Return

Together with the Return point, UNDP Accelerator Lab is exploring the experience of people with high qualifications who wanted to come back to Serbia.  

New product from old refrigerators - recycling for waste reduction and environmental protection

Proper recycling of refrigerators prevents GHG emissions, while the production of absorbers gives us a useful product that is safe for the environment.  

Why population in Serbia keeps declining?

Each year 51.000 people, most of them young, leave our country. We need systemic changes in the areas of education, employment and healthcare.  

The municipal beauty is no longer afraid of the winter

For the past fifteen years, janitor Radisav has been taking care of the Elementary School in Donji Tovarnik, Srem. His job is now easier than ever because the school got thermal insulation and a new…  

Employment of Persons with Disabilities – Opportunities and Challenges

Nowadays, finding a fulfilling job may be a challenge for anyone. What are the additional challenges persons with disabilities face when seeking employment?  

Employment of women survivors of violence

The Human Rights Committee / Helpline Vranje managed, in under three months, to register employers, engage fourteen women in professional training and employ as many as eleven of them within the…  

Eco Oasis for Belgraders

An eco oasis that would contribute to reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and better waste management could soon be built around he apartment buildings in Block 19a in New Belgrade.  

Political will is still key to transformative changes

On the occassion of the Open Government Partnership Global Summit in Gergia, we present a story of Bojana Selakovic, “Civic Initiatives” CSO Program Director  

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