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Serbia’s Climate Talks held in anticipation of COP26 in Glasgow

In anticipation of the global UN Climate Change Conference COP26, a dialogue was held on bolstering Serbia's climate ambitions and adapting to climate change  

Can Artificial Intelligence and satellite images help make our rivers free of waste?

In order to help the Ministry of Environmental Protection and other competent institutions in Serbia to find faster and more efficient way to detect less detectable dump sites along the Lim River…  

Call for experts from diaspora to support development of Serbia

UNDP Serbia is soliciting applications from citizens of Serbia with successful international careers, with emphasis on diaspora, in order to create a roster of specialists who are motivated and…  

Marginalized Roma community still most excluded in Western Balkans

The Regional study on Roma in the Western Balkans shows that marginalised Roma still face limited access to basic rights, health, education, housing and employment  

USAID and UNDP assistance helps ensure reliable water supply to Tutin

With USAID funding, UNDP built a new reservoir that helps ensure a sufficient, reliable quantity of potable water for the local residents and the migrants staying in the Asylum Center in Tutin  

Goal 6: Clean water and sanitation

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