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23 innovations from Serbia in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

UNDP presented the 23 most innovative local solutions for reducing the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in Serbia.  

Award-winning Roma UN Community Volunteer initiative tackles COVID-19

In April 2020, a UN Community Volunteers initiative in Serbia won the prestigious European Roma Youth Project Award 2020.  

COVID-19: huge disparities among countries in ability to cope and recover

Indicators such as the level of poverty, healthcare capacity, access to internet and social protection can portray how severe the effects of the COVID-19 crisis might be in each of 189 countries.  

More than 7,000 Volunteers Engaged through the “Be a Volunteer” Platform

Owing to the national “Be a Volunteer” platform over 7,000 people from 27 cities and municipalities have participated in providing assistance to their elderly fellow citizens on a voluntary basis.  

Ten airplanes with medical equipment arrived in Serbia with support of EU and UNDP

The overall quantity of the much-needed medical and protective equipment delivered exceeded 3,000 cubic metres in volume.  


Donation for peaceful sleep

Wishing to help those most vulnerable during the coronavirus epidemic in Serbia, IKEA, with the support of the UNDP, has donated 250 beds and as many mattresses and bed linen sets, which have been…  

Solidarity is helping fight Coronavirus crisis, and paving the way for future development

Social capital, connections and trust between people are just as important as the physical assets and human capital in keeping people safe and helping society overcome crisis.  

Data against corona virus - invitation for collaboration

U četvrtak, 9. aprila u 18č održaće se online meetup kako bi se predstavili različiti data science projekti na kojima različiti akteri domaće IT zajednice rade povodom COVID-19 pandemije sa ciljem da…  

COVID-19 challenge: Calling for innovation in a time of crisis

UNDP and WHO are launching a Challenge for proposing new, innovative solutions or replicate solutions existing in other parts of the world, to protect service providers and caregivers from COVID-19…  

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