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An image for change - Photo and illustration competition contributing to ethical reporting on violence against women

The group „Journalists against Violence against Women, Commissioner for the Protection of Equality and the UNDP in Serbia are launching a competition for photographs and illustrations that contribute…  

Safer with a gun at home? – Women in Serbia say no

Just as domestic violence disproportionately affects women, the misuse of firearms is also not gender blind and affects the lives of women and men differently.  

Firearm Misuse in Cases of Violence against Women outside Media Focus

Analysis of media coverage of firearm misuse in violence against women committed by men shows that there are almost no analytical or critical stories on the problem of firearms abuse in cases of…  

It IS My Business – For Neighbours Who Do Not Turn a Blind Eye to Violence

On the occasion of marking “16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence”, UNDP in Serbia, is launching, for the second time, the campaign “Tiče me se” (“It IS my business”).  

A PORTRAIT AGAINST A LANDSCAPE: Analysis of media coverage of firearm misuse in violence against women committed by men

Violence against women is the most globally widespread, and ostensibly the most persistent problem in human history, the consequences of which women and girls around the world suffer on a daily…  

Reduce Risk - Increase Safety

Women are far more often victims of firearm misuse in the context of domestic violence and intimate partner violence. The misuse of firearms is not restricted to homicides only. Firearms are often…  

Serbian media on violence against women in 2019 - Sensationalist reporting lacking social context

Responsible reporting may provide support to women who have suffered violence, and in society at large such reporting promotes absolute unacceptability of violent behaviour.  

COVID-19: UNDP urges swift action to address violence against women and girls during pandemic

Lockdowns and social distancing may be particularly hard on survivors of gender-based violence, who may already be economically dependent on their abusers.  

Presentation of Analysis of Media Announcements and Guidelines for Ethical Reporting on Violence against Women

An analysis of media reports on violence against women, as well as specific guidelines for ethical reporting on the topic, was presented by the group “Journalists against Violence against Women”.  

Guidelines on Media Reporting on Violence against Women

The guidelines are a result of several months’ analyses and discussions of the group Journalists against Violence against Women, comprising about thirty journalists from national and local media,…  

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