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When there is a will – there is a way!

On the occassion of the Open Government Partnership Summit in Gergia, we present a story of Dragana Brajovic, Open governnment partnership Consultant at the Ministry of Public Administration…  

First Government Hackathon: Your Personal Documents Only a Few Clicks Away

The first government hackathon entitled #CodeGovernment was organized with the goal to modernize and improve the eGovernment Portal and ensure it's more user-friendly and easier to navigate  

Parliaments and the Sustainable Development Goals: A self-assessment toolkit

Parliaments and the Sustainable Development Goals – A self-assessment toolkit has been jointly produced by United National Development Programme and the Inter-Parliamentary Union to provide…  

Parliament's Role in Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals: A Parliamentary Handbook

Parliament’s Role in Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals: A Parliamentary Handbook has been produced jointly by the United Nations Development Programme, the Global Organization of…  

Parliament and Democracy in the 21 century (in Serbian)

This publication gives a unique overview of best practices of a number of parliaments around the world.  

Strengthening women’s political participation

Gender equality is fundamental to responsive and accountable democratic societies. Women’s representation in elected institutions in equal proportion to men is key to the credibility and legitimacy of…  

Final Evaluation of the UNDP Project: Strengthening the Accountability of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia

All the envisaged project activities were realised in full-scope. In practice, the project made a big difference in regard to all three outcomes of the project, i.e. a visible advance was made in…  

Strategy of National Assembly for Building and Sustaining Public Engagement Using Social Media

Parliaments are essential to overseeing government and passing laws. In today’s changing world, however, not even the most essential institutions may be left without capacity to meet the popular…  

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