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State audit institution obtain audit management software

The system for automated digital audit conduct and follow-up, which will be introduced in the State Audit Institution (SAI) from January 2022, will improve the quality and expedite the audit process.  

A recipe for a good shopping - how can open contracting change public procurement for the better in Serbia?

Public procurement can be positively influenced by open contracting. Let's explore how!  

Accelerating Accountability Mechanisms in Public Finances, 2016 - 2018

The overall objective of the project is to drive the public finance reform increasingly as a management reform, with focus placed on good and efficient management of institutions.  

Enhancement of Municipal Audit for Accountability and Efficiency in Public Finance Management

The overall objective of the project is to establish a network between the Central Harmonization Unit and cities representing the seat of regional centers.  

ReLOaD - Regional Programme On Local Democracy In The WB

Overall objective of the project is to strengthen participatory democracies and the EU integration process in the Western Balkans by empowering civil society to actively take part in decision making…  

Corruption Benchmarking Survey

The main goal of the survey was to explore Serbian citizens’ experience with corruption as well as their perception of the level of corruption in Serbia, especially in domain of health and education…  

Youth Sleuth - Engaging Serbia’s Youth to Fight Corruption Through Investigative Journalism and Social Media, Final Evaluation

The project included the selection of ten motivated and qualified young journalists, however only 9 made through the whole selection process and took part in the project. Young journalists were…  

Corruption Benchmarking Surveys

UNDP conducted a series of corruption benchmarking surveys at the household level, which provided data on the incidence of corruption. The latest Corruption Benchmarking Survey (2013) shows a 17%…  

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