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Can open data transform tourism?

The pandemic might offer a timely opportunity for a fruitful discussion on how Serbia’s citizens could enjoy more of what their own country can offer in terms of cultural, historical or natural…  

International Open Data Day in Serbia

This conference was organized in the scope of the open data and digital transformation projects implemented by UNDP in cooperation with the Office for IT and eGovernment of the Republic of Serbia, and…  

Data and eGovernance: the spark for the future

The UNDP and the Office for IT and Government invite all interested stakeholders to the conference “Data and eGovernance: the spark for the future”.  

Winning solution of the challenge „From Open Data to Smart Cities“

UNDP, in collaboration with the Office for IT and eGovernment, has chosen a winner of the third open data challenge – “From Open Data To Smart Cities”.  

Innovation Challenge: From Open Data to Smart Cities

In order to stimulate local open data reuse and data development of data driven solutions on the local level, Office for IT and e-Government in partnership with UNDP announce Open Data Challenge for…  

Open Data Guide

“Open Data Guide” was developed as a source of relevant information for all stakeholders in the open data ecosystem in Serbia.  

What lies behind the fear of open data?

Considering its many benefits, one would think that governments everywhere, including Serbia, would rush to open as many data sets as possible.  

The potential impact of open data in Serbia

This report is a literature review meant to provide that contextualisation by answering the questions which impact of open data has already been demonstrated elsewhere and how that can be mapped onto…  

New Open Data Challenge Winners

Three organizations proposing the most innovative ideas for using open data in the areas of environmental protection, citizen participation, and business development have been awarded  

Good visualizations are a key factor in overcoming the “inhuman” nature of data

Interview with Jovan Leković about the importance of data visualization and the role of open data in media.  

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