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Reinventing the workplace under COVID-19 and beyond

After trying out several options for organizing work, we decided to stop ‘flip-flopping’ and proactively seek a a new modality of working for UNDP staff in Serbia, during the Covid-19 crisis and,…  

What kind of future do we want?

Take 1 minute, fill out the survey and tell us your opinion!  

Getting COVID-19 supplies to Serbia

How did we master the art of hiring cargo planes to transport medical supplies during COVID-19 crises?  

Results of project evaluation within “Dialogue for the Future“ Program

After the evaluation process, here is the list of 19 cross-border projects that will be awarded grants.  

In Serbia, new approaches to tap talent and tackle depopulation

We began to design a portfolio of interventions, recognizing that the secret is in the connection between the solutions and how they create new realities by hitting on multiple issues at the same…  

Stories of Return

Together with the Return point, UNDP Accelerator Lab is exploring the experience of people with high qualifications who wanted to come back to Serbia.  

Why population in Serbia keeps declining?

Each year 51.000 people, most of them young, leave our country. We need systemic changes in the areas of education, employment and healthcare.  

How to address a shrinking population

UNDP is supporting Serbia with an integrated development approach based on SDGs. Many different solutions are available in the country if depopulation is considered in an integrated way, and not just…  

International Day of Persons with Disabilities

2019 Theme is Promoting the participation of persons with disabilities and their leadership: taking action on the 2030 Development Agenda  

The United Nations in Serbia and the Government of the Republic of Serbia mark the 74th anniversary of the UN

The United Nations in Serbia and the Government of the Republic of Serbia, represented at this event by the First Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, observed the 74th…  

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