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Mixer Festival gathers 500 innovators to design a circular and more sustainable future for Serbia

The Mixer Festival and UNDP opened a new chapter in enabling the cultural, creative and IT sectors to network with circular economy experts.  

Training on project management for environmental officials

The first out of six trainings on project management for environmental officials from local self-governments has been successfully completed.  

The Annual Report on Activities for Implementation of the Rio Conventions in the Republic of Serbia

The purpose of compiling this Report is to determine the type and scope of activities in line with the principles underlying the Rio Conventions.  

Circular Economy for Sustainable Development in Serbia

In 2018, recognizing the benefits of circular economy for the environment, innovation, economic growth and creation of new jobs, UNDP launched the project “Circular Economy Platform for Sustainable…  

Innovative Solutions and Business Models

UNDP and the Ministry of Environmental Protection, with Global Environment Facility support, prepared a brochure on award-winning innovative ideas of the"Challenges for Innovative Solutions in the…  

Eco Oasis for Belgraders

An eco oasis that would contribute to reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and better waste management could soon be built around he apartment buildings in Block 19a in New Belgrade.  

Sound management of chemicals and their waste is vital for sustainable development

Chemicals are a part of our modern society, and each day we use various chemical-based products to make our lives more comfortable and productive.  

National Capacity Self Assessment for Environmental Protection Management

“National Capacity Self-Assessment for the Environmental Protection Management in Serbia” was created to assess and realize the countries’ needs regarding capacities for full implementation of UN…  

Nature Protection and Wind Farm Development in Serbia

The purpose of this publication is to provide a framework for integration of biodiversity principles in wind energy development in Serbia. It presents an overview of both Serbian and EU legal and…  

Roadmaps for Investors in Renewable Energy Sources

Five roadmaps were produced to navigate the legislative and regulatory framework and to ease the procedure for a wide range of stakeholders.  

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