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Mapping Domestic Violence against Women in Central Serbia

Mapiranje porodičnog nasilja nad ženama

Feb 17, 2017

“Mapping domestic violence against women” is a research conducted by SeConS – Group for development initiative as a part of the project “Combating sexual and gender based violence”. The project is financed by the Government of Norway and implemented by Directorate for Gender equality, Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of the Government of RS with the support of UNDP.

The goal of the research was to collect representative data about prevalence and main characteristics of the family violence against women in Central Serbia thus providing situation analyses for the purpose of developing National strategy for preventing and combating violence against women and family violence in RS on order to improve the institutional framework, policies and measures undertaken by the state.

Family violence was investigated in two time units: during the whole life span and in the past year. This approach was selected to allow the comparison between actual prevalence of family violence against women with the overall prevalence. Thus, it is important to define the following terms that were used:

  • General family violence – includes all forms of violence: economic, psychological, physical and sexual;
  • Specific form of family violence – particular form of violence, including separate expression of economic, psychological, physical and sexual violence or different combination of these forms; 
  • Actual violence – domestic violence (general or specific) committed during the period of 12 months before the research;
  • Overall violence – domestic violence (general or specific) that women have experienced in any time of their life span.

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