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Between Stereotypes and Entertainment

Mediji u Srbiji 2014 o rodno zasnovanom nasilju: Između stereotipa i zabave

Feb 16, 2017

Serbia is still faced with a large amplitude of media production on violence against women.

Very large disproportion in the quantity of reporting on individual cases is still present, ranging from great attention on a single case of rape and murder compared to all other cases, 29 femicides in the family and partner relationships, nine brutal murders and the like.

There is a wave of sporadicaly raised moral panic partially initiated by media partially by the state officials. As a result, there are common requirements for reforming the penal policy of the courts and Penal Code, by introducing more severe sanctions, even capital punishment. However, other factors are often ignored, for example, inefficient and untimely response of the institutions. Tabloid way of presenting violence against women, reflects not only the approach and reporting style but also contributes to launching even new topics such as monitoring of gender-based violence whose actors are celebrities.

The omnipresent TV production shifts the focus to entertainment leading to normalization of evil as the specific diminisher of violence reality. Media production on violence varies between extremes: from one side there is regular absence of condemnation of violence but on the other side there is regular raising the of moral panic against e.g. pedophiles and maniac Women’s capacity for action is impaired by this type of media production on violence against women.

However, women’s capacity for action is strengthened through the critical analysis of media production on violence against women by the way of providing arguments for necessary activities and protests. 

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