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Online violence has real life consequences #ItIsMyBusiness

While both women and men can be exposed to online violence, women and girls are disproportionately affected by it.  

Additional assistance of the USA for the fight against COVID-19 in Serbia

Part of the assistance, USD 1.75 million, is planned for the joint ongoing “Together against Covid” initiative  

Serbia has gained 25 certified trainers for better prevention and response during and after disasters

The trainings were attended by employees of the Public Investment Management Office and the Sector for Emergency Management of the Ministry of Interior, as well as employees from the local…  

Disaster Risk Register at the World Expo 2020 in Dubai

The Disaster Risk Register is an interactive map that provides safety data on a micro location level.  

State audit institution obtain audit management software

The system for automated digital audit conduct and follow-up, which will be introduced in the State Audit Institution (SAI) from January 2022, will improve the quality and expedite the audit process.  

Exhibition "The Climate and us - the (in)visible impact" opened

The focus of this exhibition is the impact of climate change on people's lives in Serbia, especially during last summer, which was the fifth warmest in our country in the last 70 years.  

Don’t Choose Extinction - the dinosaur calls on humanity to shift away from fossil fuel subsidies

Fossil fuel subsidies are both inefficient and inequitable.  

The regional conference on modernization of public administration started

The conference will enable civil servants in Serbia to improve their communication and digital skills and knowledge, thanks to the experiences of regional and international experts, has been…  

Together without borders in art, sports and games

UN volunteers and elementary school students from Zemun painted a mural on the school wall  

Batut establishes national communication center with U.S. assistance

Center will serve to improve communication and coordination of public health activities in both health emergencies and during Institute's regular daily work.  

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