“Strength of Diversity”- Bringing People of Southwest Serbia Together

Aug 20, 2013

Youth Theatre Festival volunteers

UNDP in Serbia will support a series of cultural events in Novi Pazar as a part of the “Improving Human Security in Southwest Serbia” project.

From 20-27 August, the city of Novi Pazar will host thousands of young people who will enjoy the art: concerts, theater plays, photo workshops and literary evenings.

Within the Youth Theatre Festival eight amateur troupes from different parts of Serbia will perform local plays. Branislav Trifunovic, a young Serbian actor, is a festival promoter and a member of the jury that will select the best play and actor/actress for the award. All plays will be performed in Novi Pazar’s Cultural Centre. As a part of the programme, Branislav Trifunovic and Predrag Ejdus will play “Hypertension” written and directed by Svetislav Basara, the famous Serbian writer who will also host a literary evening for the book lovers. Photo workshop will take place from 20-26 August.

Twenty photographers will visit monuments of culture such as Altun Alem mosque, Đurđevi Stupovi and Sopoćani monasteries, guided by the professional tourist guides. Photographs that will be taken during these visits will be published in photo catalogue and showed during the special open exhibition. Besides in Novi Pazar, the exhibition will visit ten more Serbian cities. The famous local photographers from the region will take part in the workshop that will be run by Dženan Hajrović, while Branislav Strugar will hold a lecture called “Landscaping”.

“Stari grad” music festival will take place on 23 and 24 August in the city’s pedestrian area. This is the ninth year that the festival is taking place and more than twenty musicians and bands from Serbia and the region will be playing for the young audience coming from different parts of the region. By enjoying the art, the young people will get the opportunity to meet and without gender or ethnic prejudices interact among each other thus breaking the existing stereotypes. Join us in Novi Pazar!

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