Number of criminal charges against perpetrators in domestic violence doubled

Mar 17, 2014

Share of perpetrators (by sex)

According to Institute for Social Policy, Centers for Social Work (CSW) registered 9877 cases of domestic violence in 2013. This represents almost 6% increase in comparison to 2012. The share of women victims of violence is significantly higher than of men -70% and 30% respectively.

CSRs do not register identity of perpetrators and the perpetrators are seldom CSR beneficiaries. This is done by the police and public prosecutor office in cases when the criminal charges against perpetrators were pressed. Nevertheless, CSWs document perpetrators’ gender and the data showed that 76% of perpetrators are male.

With UNDP support, eight CSRs have developed the programmes for work with perpetrators.

The most significant institutional change is reflected in the fact that the number of pressed criminal charges against perpetrators by CSWs (637) have doubled in 2013 in comparison to 2012. This could be directly contributed to UNDP’s interventions as of 2009 in strengthening multi-sectoral cooperation between different sectors - judicially, police, social protection, health care system, education and CSOs.

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