Chemical safety of products in Serbian market

Dec 15, 2015

Training for journalists on safe chemicals management in the Republic of Serbia was held on Tuesday, 15th of December in Belgrade. The training is part of the project „Capacity Building and Strategic Partnerships for Chemicals Safety in the Republic of Serbia” that is being implemented jointly by the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection of Serbia, United Nations Development Programme in partnership with two CSOs: “Safe Chemicals Alternative - ALHem” and pan-European CSO “ Women in Europe for a Common Future – WECF”.

Journalists have been aquatinted with the concept of safe chemicals management, chemicals risk management and harmful effects of chemicals on human health and the environment. Results of some of the previously conducted public opinion surveys were presented to the participants indicating that nearly half of the examinees have never, or almost never, read the instructions for safe handling of chemicals contained on the labeling of different products. Also, the need for more precise and adequate reporting and information dissemination on this particular subject has been pointed out, in particular in the context of raising the awareness among general public on harmful chemicals that may be found in the market products, as well as on the safe alternatives to these chemicals.

One of the most significant goals of this training was to achieve adequate and timely reporting on the consumer rights and on the right to choose safer alternatives to harmful chemicals, as well as on the means for safe management of the chemicals  risks. It was pointed out that each member of the product life-cycle chain needs to take over responsibility for provision of transparent information on chemicals composition of the products that they place on the market, including in particular producers and retailers. On the other hand, citizens need to be aware of the fact that there are legal provisions that allow them to request and receive the information on chemicals composition of the products.

Presentations were delivered by the experts of the Ministry, representatives of UNDP, experts from the CSOs, as well as journalists themselves.

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