Nowadays, “smart city” has become a buzz word, bringing the idea of better life for citizens with the help of technology. Data plays a big role in smart city development. Collected and analysed data sets are the starting point for planning and development of new services and innovation of the old ones. Data sets are also input in the decision-making process. In order to help advancement of the public transport, reduce traffic jam, or tackle any kind of infrastructure problem, we must look at the data we have and analyse it in search for answers to our problem.

In order to stimulate local open data reuse and data development of data driven solutions on the local level, Office for IT and e-Government in partnership with United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) announce Open Data Challenge for solicitation of innovative ideas, based on the open data released by the local self-governments, and available on the National Open Data Portal (

We invite all interested parties, especially startups, civil society, small and medium enterprises, to apply and offer innovative solutions for different local problems, in order to provide enabling environment for data-based decision making, and innovative services for the citizens. Additionally, apart from using the available open government data, applicants are encouraged to plan the collection and opening of new datasets, or to incorporate crowdsourcing data collection.

Interested applicants should define one local problem which can be analysed or solved with reuse of open data. In selection of the problem, applicants need to make sure that the problem in question is recognized in the community and present in the public.

We will award one idea with maximum amount of 8.000,00 USD for development of the winning solution.

Please find more details about the challenge and the application procedure in here

You can download the application form in here. 

Due date for application is December 8, 2019.

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