UNDP Serbia, in collaboration with the Office for IT and eGovernment, proudly presents the winners of the first three Open Data Challenges who will implement innovative ideas on how to improve the work of the public administration bodies, as well as other institutions and organization that publish open data available on the national Open Data Portal.

The Open Data challenges were open for everyone interested in open data, especially startups, civil society organizations, and small and medium-sized enterprises. All applicants were invited to propose ideas for solving specific issues which could improve the work of public institutions based on their data, as well as better inform the citizens of Serbia.

Three winning ideas were chosen for each of the three defined challenges, and the financial support for the development and implementation of each ideas is up to 10 000 USD.

The winners of the three challenges are:

•            „Logikka Artificial Intelligence Solutions“  for the challenge Better availability of medical devices, based on the data of the Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices and Public Health Institute of Serbia “Dr Milan Jovanovic Batut”. This team will develop an integrated web application which will, apart from allowing users to search the distribution of equipment, trends and changes, provide suggestions on how the distribution could be optimized. The goal is to ensure that a higher percentage of women are screened for breast cancer in Serbia. This is a particularly relevant issue for the country given that breast cancer is the most frequent malignant tumor among women in Serbia and that, each year, around 1600 women die from this type of tumor.

•             „Enetel Solutions“ for the challenge Meet Serbian municipalities, based on the data of the National Statistics Office and Serbian Agency for Business Registers. This team will develop an interactive application allowing citizens and everyone interested to search and discover data on demographics, the economy, education and other relevant aspects of different municipalities. More precisely, using different tools in the application, users will be able to explore the state of quality of life and work in different Serbian municipalities in a simple visual and intuitive manner. Visualizations followed by proper explanatory content will enable everyone not only to understand the life in these municipalities, but also plan for the future.

•             Nikola Kovačević for the challenge Raising awareness on level and changes of electromagnetic radiation, based on data of Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communication and Postal Services. In partnership with the company Mapsoft, he will develop web application for comparative space-time analysis of data on measured values of electromagnetic radiation. The application will have options for visualization, mapping, search and filtration of automatically imported data and how that data compares to limit values. The application will also enable analysis and comparison of data, for different stakeholders – citizens, business and state institutions.

Open Data Challenge was implemented in the scope of the project Open Data – Open Opportunities, supported by the World Bank and UK Good Governance Fund, with the goal to enable development of open data ecosystem, through stimulation of open data reuse, promotion of different use cases and benefits of open data, and capacity building of different stakeholders for open data reuse and analysis. 

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